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It's only changing the mold that we change the shape

You can't have a star-shaped cookie using a square shape for do it.

Have you ever tried making cookies? How to expect to have a star cookie using a square mold? Well then, we often do that in our life.

How do we think what we think? How to build something different from what we have today using the same way of thinking as always, using the same square mold?

Today I heard from a dear friend (Sabrina) a metaphor that can help us understand this, I'm going to borrow it to help with this text.

Do you remember a device, which is not even that old that was called DVD? (maybe you still have one in your house). It was this rectangular device, almost like a box, thin, where you pressed a button to put a CD and a movie appeared for you. In this situation, the DVD has the function of simply playing the CD that was inserted. So is our brain. It executes things, it reproduces the models that we put in it, mainly the part of our limbic brain.

And if our brain is the DVD then what would be the CD we put in it? My friend Sabrina brought in her video as beliefs. Here, I'm going to bring a different word for it: THOUGHWARE (literally translates to: thought map). Thoughware is what we think with. It is the structure we use to live, to believe or not believe in this or that. It is what determines our context and the game world (the environment/reality) that we are living.

And where does this thoughware come from? Where do our beliefs, judgments, assumptions, tastes come from? It comes from our parents. And where did our parents get it from? From their parents' parents. And where did your grandparents get this "CD" from? From the parents of their parents' parents, and so on, generations and generations.

I think you got it. Basically, you are totally out of date. You're at the time of Netflix using, maybe even, a cassette tape to watch a movie. Understanding life as this movie that is hapening, observe the differences that exist when you switch from one to the other: colors, speed, malleability, accessibility... (in this case we would also have to change the device that runs it, there's no way to use Netflix on the DVD player, for example, but in our case, we don't change our brains, right? lol, so it just takes care of that part, use the metaphor for didactic purposes).

When we look at the reality of our planet today, it doesn't take long for us to be clear that this CD we're putting to work isn't having very good results. We are one three minutes away from killed it our own especie.

Humans have inhabited the Earth for about half a million years. Agriculture, which brought with it sedentarization, accumulation and settlement of agglomerates, is only twelve thousand years old. Cities date back no more than six thousand years. If you compare the complete human existence to a day, agriculture would have appeared at 23:56 and cities at 23:57. The development of societies as we see them today took place only at 23:39 and 30 seconds! However, it is possible that as many changes took place in the last thirty seconds of this “day of human history” as in the remaining preceding time. And in those few seconds of time we were able to cause a catastrophe on Gaia.

Pintura do Arte sem Fronteiras

When Albert Einstein told us: "We can't solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them" he meant exactly that to find solutions to the problems we face today, we need to update the way we think.

Wanting things to change using the same way of thinking is like wanting to have a star cookie using a square mold.

So what to do?

We need to update with what we think, we urgently need to update the CD that runs on our DVD. When you consciously install new thoughts you have the possibility to navigate totally new territories, to think about things that have never been thought of before. You can create new results.

Imagine at this moment that you are preparing a cookie dough. It's already there, ready to bake. Now it's time for you to put it in the mold. You would like to have star-shaped cookies, but all you have are square pans, so you decide to use them.

If you use this square pan, what result do you expect to have at the end of the bake? Of course! a square cookie. But how many times in life do you use a square pan and look forward to having a star cookie.

We use the same way of thinking as always and expect different results. But it is only by changing the mold that we use that we change the shape. And how can we change the way we think, the mold?

When you update the way you think your being changes shape. And when your bodies change shapes, the way the universe, life and people relate to you change completely.

Let's think about a practical example.

Imagine a very shy woman. She does everything she can to hide herself: she speaks softly, wears faded clothes, stoops. She has a thoughtware/belief of: If I show up they'll judge me, they might even punish me, so I'll do my best not to show up. This is the shape that this person's bodies occupy in space. The way people and life relate to her is as if she doesn't really exist. So, people walk and bump into her, she doesn't come by, they don't say good morning or hello, and they don't even notice she in space. They don't ask her questions.

If that person decides to change her thoughtware, she qill change the way she behaves in spaces. The tone of voice changes. Her energy body changes. She starts to enter in spaces and people say hello. She says good morning and people respond.

"Most people don't see their beliefs; instead, their beliefs tell them what to see. This is the simple difference between clarity and confusion."~ Dom Pérignon

But then, how to update this, how to update this CD? How to make this change?

Theoretically, an answer that can come to you is: the school. But if we look at the school as it is, right away we see that it doesn't teach us how to think, the school institution, nor the university today can't update our thoughtware. These institutions are masters at teaching us what to think, but not HOW to think. And on top of that it still works just like it did 200 years ago, so in fact, it doesn't work.

Okay, so what other possibility?

Learning to navigate the void, to go through liquid states. (Ihh it's already very abstract, philosophical talk). Calm down, follow the paragraphs bellow.

To stop using one way of thinking and start implementing a whole new way of thinking you have to let it die. In the midst of the shift between old and new thinking, great liquid states open up (everything that was once certain, solid is melted).

With this process some questions may pop up inside and outside of you.

- "What if the new way of thinking doesn't work? What if when I think that way, everything I have today falls apart?"

- "If I can really think differently, how will my friends and family relate to me? How will I keep doing the same things?"

- "Am I going to live the rest of my life in a bubble? Will people think I'm weird for thinking like that?"

"You are a descendant of the 700-year-old survivors of the Catholic Inquisitions and the Witches' burnings. Your ancestors survived because their mothers taught them the first lesson she learned from her own mother: 'Be careful what your neighbors think! "It takes immense courage to experiment with updating the way you think." ~( Fonte).

You have to feel the pain of being in survival mode to be able to use thoughtware that is different from the context in which you were born and raised.

You have to go through a liquid phase for your bodies to take on a new shape. If you try to take the cookie that has already been baked and try to forcefully turn it into a star, what happens? It just breaks. It dosen'nt work. To change it's shape, it needs to be soft, moldable.

Grieve has to exist and if feeling is wrong then it is impossible for there to be that change. And at this point, the patriarchal culture is very smart and has a very clear purpose with the thoughtware: FEELING IS BAD. WE CANNOT FEEL. Because, in this way, we do not go through liquid states, we do not update our way of thinking, and, as a consequence, we continue to perpetuate this culture that is destroying ourselves and the planet.

To update this CD, to update our thoughtware then inevitably we need to feel. Going through the pain the old map causes in us and in other people. We need to relearn to feel our fear, our anger, our sadness and our joy. And so, once again I affirm that feeling IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT. Feeling is the gateway to a new culture. To something totally different than what we've built today

So again the question: how can we update our thoughtware? Going through liquid states, feeling it.

Here are some possibilities of how you can do this in a very practical way:


Do new things. Get out of the linear life script that was handed to you: being born, school, college, work, chasing joy and money and dying. Try doing something different than that. If you are in college, for example, and decide not to leave, then try to do something different even in there. Make art in a scientific article. Make a presentation from your being. Bring possibilities to the people who study with you. Ask yourself: within that, what can I do that is unusual? Totally crazy and different? It will definitely take you to a liquid state, it will make you feel things;


Doing things that make your box (your ego, personality) totally uncomfortable. If you have a judgment of eating with your hand in a restaurant, then eat with your hand. If you don't "like" a certain person, try to spend as much time with them as possible. If you have an assumption that that job is what your being wants but you're thinking it won't make money, accept the offer and just go. Watch what happens when you allow yourself to do this;


Participate in transformational spaces to learn to consciously feel and be able to allow yourself to go through a liquid state. Of all the tools I've learned today, the ones that Possibility Management brought me were the ones that most enabled me to do so.

I currently offer a transformational space to learn to consciously feel and update your thoughtware about feeling. If you are interested in knowing, I leave the site here.

There are several other spaces that I can recommend you, if you are interested, call me and I will recommend you.


Go to a rage club. It is a transformational and initiatory space where you regain your authority, your voice, your ability to decide, set limits, say yes and no. There you will certainly go through liquid states. Israel Kairós is one of the people that has been offering this service


Watch movies and books that depart from the common thinking pattern and create study and exchange groups around them. Here I leave a list of some possibilities of movies and books. Most of them are in English, but you can get some translated audiobooks.


Listen to music, go to events, connect with different people, who bother you, who give you that flea behind your ear. Allow yourself to feel what they make you feel. Write about it, share it. When you say (fear, anger, sadness or joy) because... Look at the portals this can open in your relationships.


If you're really committed to taking a big step forward in your transformation, as you think, commit to making the next Expand the box that happens. Take a pot right now and write Money to ETB and start putting money there.

Expand the box is a 5-day training where numerous initiations take place and that is sure to refresh a lot of your thoughtware. You will no longer be the same person. If you really want to become an initiated adult, I highly recommend this possibility.


When you finish reading this article, immediately grab a notebook, or a notepad on your computer and start writing down everything you've gotten used to in your life. Give yourself the opportunity to at least become aware of 5% of the thoughtwares you have been using and the results they have been generating in your life.

Example: I've been using the belief that making money is painful, difficult. I've been using the thought that I have to keep all my feelings. I think I can't put my limits I won't be loved. etc.

Allow yourself to just write, without thinking. Whatever comes for 20 minutes. If any feelings come, let them come. Feel the pain of the life you've been leading. Feel the pain of all the things you do for survival. Then commit to yourself to do one of the above possibilities.


ETC..... I could stay here a few more hours writing possibilities, because they don't come from me. They come from my brilliant principles that write through my hands, it's an unlimited source.

But for now, I think that's enough. If you feel the need for more possibilities on how to update your CD feel free to call me.

A arte fantástica de Jim Warren

Are you ready to bake your stars cookies?

Love, Clarity and Adventure


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