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We enter and exit through the same gate. Wandering, where we go matters less than what we notice. ~Kurt Vonnegut


On this page you will find a reality game called StartOver that contains more than 600 websites with distinctions and experiments, you can access interviews, worktalks and workshops that I have facilitated or translated, films that changed something inside me and books that transformed me and that I recommend. Have fun!

In Modern Culture you learned that it is broken and needs to be fixed.
Opath of evolution It's not about getting together.
The path of evolution is aboutsustain more awareness.
Conscience is Responsibility in Action.
Matrix is the structure that allows more consciousness to be sustained. 

Pessoas, Projetos e Mundos de Jogos que me inspiram


Charles Eisenstein

A forma como ele enxerga dinheiro e forma como entrega seu trabalho sem nenhuma tática de marketing, me inspira. Ao ler seus livros e vídeos eu consigo sentir a integridade entre sua criação e sua vida.


Possibility Managment



Ana Norombuena



Anne-Chloé Destremau


Past Letters

Starting Over (February, 2024)
What if you are someone, as sensitive as a mimosa? (January, 2024)
Turning up your Inner Volume
(November, 2023)
Beyond the line a new world (October, 2023)
Art'chiarchy Bridge-House (September, 2023)
What scares you gives you life (August, 2023)
What grows between the cracks? (April, 2023)
How to change something? (March, 2023)
Create new evidence (February, 2023)
Connection in Adventure (December, 2022)
The wall that separates you from life (November, 2022)
You will not be fine, but whole (October, 2022)
From scarcity to creation (September, 2022)
What is life after school like? (August, 2022)
Do you sell yours today to have tomorrow? (July, 2022)
How is the river that runs through your veins (June, 2022)
Letting die to be born (May, 2022)
What matters (April, 2022)

Interviews is a massively multiplayer online and offline personal transformation game with Thoughtware upgrade.

It's a rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland, once you go into it and do some experiments, you'll never be the same. Your knowledge is what you think. Your Thoughtware is what you think with. When you change your thinking, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself.


In this game with no beginning and no end, each player creates and follows their own unique and personal path of evolution. There is no up, there is no down. This is life!


The StartOver team has already built over 600 sites, each of these sites is a bubble within the maps. Every day the team fills them with cool things and the amount of cool things in the Universe seems to have no end. Almost all of them have not yet been translated into Portuguese. Maybe that's your job, if so, get in touch.Anné-Chloé Destremau.

Workalks & Workshops

Remarkable movies

Extraordinary Books

Go travel, become one Conscious Nomad

You were born nomad.

You arrived on Earth with nothing. And you will leave Earth with nothing (material).
You leave with nothing but what you have become in your Being.

Everything else was learned concepts about what we need to live.

Part of my journey right now is experiencing being a Conscious Nomad and experiencingRadical Freedom. 

Discover Gaia through its lands, languages, waters and cultures.

Learning to make fire with stones, camping, creating financial resources from nothing.

Conscious Nomad is a life of practice, experimentation, discovering what you need

to live without anything you're not immediately using.
When you become your Immaterial Value in action, you can go anywhere Earth's coincidence office sends you because what you create is necessary for anyone on the Path.

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