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I offer reconnection with the 5 bodies and updating the way of thinking with the purpose of building Consciousness and internal structure in Human Beings for the creation of Regenerative Cultures.

I do this through creative, evolutionary, transformational and healing processes for individuals, couples and groups in training and coaching sessions.

Do you sometimes feel like an alien?

Not only do I feel like an alien most of the time, but I am an alien.

Maybe you are too.

The word alien comes from the Old French "alien" and the Latin "alienus", meaning "strange" or foreigner.

This word describes the experience of acting from the essence, from my perspective. If you act and create from your essence then you are an alien, because your essence is unique, so whatever you do will be strange and will seem crazy to others.

If you've learned that being an Alien is a problem, then your life might get a little more complicated.

When I was a teenager, all I wanted to talk about with my friends was transformation, climate change, philosophy, feelings. As a child, one of my favorite games was to create 'game worlds'. I remember doing this with the church, the supermarket, and the school. I was the 'priest', the 'cashier' and the 'teacher'. I was fascinated by the possibility of imagining how things could be. As I played, I recreated what was possible, the rules of engagement, what could happen, how people communicated, what was allowed and what was not. When I played as the "priest," I remember rewriting the Bible and renaming it "See the Invisible. I wrote about the invisible and magical things I saw in plants and animals. I felt ecstasy in subverting what existed and creating reality out of what I saw.

Over time, I began to want to hide the things that made me a stranger. I wanted to fit in with my friends, my family. It was scary to be different, and since I learned that fear is bad, I wanted to distance myself as much as possible from the things that made me different. I chose to fit in and be a little more like the people around me. I tried to be interested in the topics and conversations that interested them.


I began to alienate myself in the Religion 'Patriarchy'. But still, the alien in me kept knocking and screaming at my door, asking to come in and reminding me of the insanity of pretending to be sane.


I retired when I was 20. I became an assumed alien.  I had been studying Tourism for 2 years and was thinking about canceling my enrollment and going backpacking. I postponed this dream out of fear.  


One day someone asked me "what does it cost to you to finish university? There are only 2 years left, after you graduate you can do whatever you want". With that question my eyes filled with tears, and the only answer that came out of my mouth was “it costs everything”.

Staying at this university for another 2 years would cost me a planned and linear life. After university is work, after work is owning land, then owning a car. After a car and a house is a family. The endless and empty search for security and happiness didn't seem very appetizing to me, and this question empowered me to make the decision to retire right then and there, before even starting a formal job, and start creating and living from what I love.  

In 2021, after graduating from university, I decided to take a trip to the Amazon with a group of biologists and researchers. Afterwards, I started working on a project that offered me the opportunity to attend a training called Expand The Box in Florianopolis, southern Brazil. When I read the website and the proposal to 'Upgrade Human Thoughtware to Create Regenerative Cultures', all my bodies just had a clear, loud and big YES. It was as if I had been waiting for this level of clarity. I was open for the next step. Life brought.


In this community I found some admitted aliens working on the edge of modern culture with whom I have been researching and creating regenerative ways of living on planet Earth. With them I discovered that my soul is fed by doing things I'm willing to be considered crazy for.


When we open the door to our insanity, to our essence, to what makes us alien, to our absolute madness, chaos, non-linearity, irrationality, what you really came here to do on Earth begins to reveal itself and makes more sense.

Your Being is behind all the reasonableness of your identities, structures, reasons, justifications, prejudices, and protection strategies.


Revaling again what makes you alien is completely joyful and terribly insane. There is sanity in being insane and insanity in trying to be sane. I offer spaces for you to rediscover your insanity and what makes you alien with the purpose to bring alive the seed of what your Being came here to Create.

About the logo I designed for this site

This drawing represents a geometric shape called a torus. A torus is a doughnut-shaped surface with a hole in the center. It is a three-dimensional object that can be visualized as a circle rotating around an axis.


The first time I was exposed to this image was as a child, watching Phineas and Pherbers as they researched how to build a time machine. This shape appeared in the particles they created in the physics lab. In 2019, in a class on the morphogenetic field, this image appeared again, now in the context of geography, showing what the energetic movement of the earth looks like.


Then, in 2020, in an immersion in art, self-awareness and dance, a friend gave me a physical and magical object that materialized this geometric shape (there is a video below of me dancing with this object).


The Torus is, in my experience, a representation of the essence of life: movement, expansion and contraction. The different lines form circles and they all converge in the center, at the same point, reminding us to return to the source. Convergence. Then continuing in divergence and expansion, discovery and exploration. Like the wave of the ocean. The breath in our lungs.


In 2021, I discovered this geometric form applied in reality, in relation to human beings. It was a surprise when I first heard the term 'Torus Technology'. This was in the first expansion box I attended in February 2021.


Torus Technology is a non-hierarchical, circular technology that aims to use group intelligence for decision making and collaboration. Gameworlds using this technology are not based on profit, competition, or scarcity, because it is a circle, it is not hierarchical.

The supermarket, the Sedex, the school, the Brazilian government are examples of 'gameworlds'. You could say that the culture in your home is a gameworld. When you go to one of these places, you can get a sense of what the rules of engagement are in that space. Do I take my shoes off before entering or not? Is it okay to talk to people in line while waiting to mail my letters?


In a very simplified way, this technology works in a system of convergence and divergence. Convergence is when all the people who are part of the 'gameworld' come together. Divergence is when 'nodes' - sub-groups that form out of resistance - made up of one or more people, go to work on that specific part of the project or proposal. How Inspiration and Expectation


It is a way of putting the responsibility on you. There is no 'we'. If you have a 'complaint' or expect someone to tell you what to do, there is no one to fulfill that need.


The way to make decisions with this technology is through a spectrum of resistance from 0 to 10. 0 is no resistance. 10 is maximum resistance, I reject this proposal. If you have resistance, you have a suggestion. If you only have resistance, but do not take responsibility for creating suggestions for your resistance, then the chances are that you are low in drama and reactivity.


There is no leader. However, there is a space supporter whose purpose is to facilitate the intelligence of the group so that people who are more effective and interested in certain areas of decisions have the space to make them happen.

I am fascinated by this tool because so much potential for collaboration and creation is unleashed by the use of group intelligence, and the logistics, which in my experience have always been at the center of meetings and projects, are handled in a tenth of the time. I would say that the Greeks invented democracy and the Archans invented torós technology.

The video on the right is a worktalk about Comm(unity) in which I shared my discoveries about the experience of using this technology in a "collective residence", a Bridgehouse. In the video on the left is a video of a conversation explained by.


Adventures & Experiments


You are what no one sees. A collection of stories, stories, memories, pains, delights, sins, kindnesses, tragedies, successes, feelings and thoughts. You are an eternal open parenthesis as long as your eternity lasts
-Machado de Assis

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