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Crowdfunding Experiment: Radical Freedom Research

Turn up the Being's volume 

This crowdfunding is an experience in itself. I am learning that money is one of the many resources that exist on planet earth. In essence, money is an agent of the act of giving and giving as described by Charles Eisestein

in his book Sacred Economy.

This experiment is about discovering other ways to create and flow money to what I want. Creating and living in this moment, testing the Sacred Economy theory and using other resources, such as: my time,  ECCO (Earth Control Coincidence Office), my Bright Principals and Gaia. By supporting me in this crowdfunding, you are supporting the development of my Potential and the Projects that I am creating at the moment and that do not yet bring a financial return, such as '18, and now'.

Update - 17.01.2024

Before, I thought that Freedom was linked to traveling, to being in external movement. I had connected freedom to external circumstances. However, I am discovering that Freedom is a State of Being. And because it is a state of Being, it is something that emerges from within, from the Now. Traveling may be an attribute that contributes in the first instance to the experience of this state of Being, but it is not exclusive to this.

One of the elements that made me think about this was when watching the film The Flight, in which the main character was able to experience the state of Being in freedom when he ended up in prison, literally. Freedom happens when you become Now, when meeting the Presence.

The purpose of this Crowdfunding today, 17.01 is to support me financially (in combination with other resources - including financial resources I am generating through the delivery of my work) to continue my adventure in New Zealand, whilst creating videos, research and upcoming trainings and as I connect with culture builders, possibilitators, mentors, Initiators and Healers.


My next investments will be: applying for a visitor visa (to stay up to 9 months in NZ), Women's Lab and Village Lab in March, trip to Wellington where I will deliver workshops to young adults during the University's orientation week and participation in the Rites of Tides Passage, April, where I will learn more about Initiations and Rites that already exist for young adults. If you have a yes to blow my wings to fly in these directions, scroll down to this page and you will find details where you can contribute.

With Love, Gabriela

Versão criada em Novembro de 2023

Portugues Subtitles

English Subtitles

Hello everyone! My name is Gabriela Fagundes.

I am a Researcher of Regenerative Cultures, Spaceholder for '18, what now?',a Rage Club Spaceholder,

a Designer of Children's Initiations, a Possibilitator for Unfolding Essence, including my own and yours.

I am beginning a year of experimentation and research on the gap to adulthood, a year of Radical Freedom.

Perhaps you have already done such an experiment without knowing you were doing it. Maybe you are doing this research right now in other ways and have not given it a name.


I have made a conscious decision to do this experiment and call it Radical Freedom.


I am traveling around planet Earth, for a year from now, in a nomadic Team, and in fact a Nomadic BrigdeHouse with these two extraordinary Women: Sonia Gonçalves and Maria Diaz.


As we create projects that come from our hearts, we will experience planet Earth with all its natural beauty, diversity of people, cultures, the vastness of its oceans, caves, canyons, mountains.


We are creating a space to start from scratch, to fail repeatedly without worrying, to experiment, to make extremely ridiculous proposals, to formulate game plans, to make lots of mistakes, to be homeless for a day, to engage in missions.

My purpose with this experiment is to get closer to Reality, and let the stories I have about myself, about cultures, about money, about my past, about the future crumble and die, while I collaborate with Gaia and my Team. My purpose is to delve deeper and unfold the '18teen, What Now?' game world.


I am researching and documenting paths and territories to prepare people to undergo authentic initiations into adulthood. This matters to me because I am committed to holding space for human Potential to flourish on Earth, and this is only possible when we become Adults and Source.


I create this CrowdFunding because I'm experimenting with a different way of creating money and doing what I dream of, other than what I'm used to doing, which is: putting pressure on myself, being useful and working hard.

I will use the money raised here to travel for the next year, while living, researching and documenting Radical Freedom.


These are the places on Gaia where I go, so far:

Archan Permaculture (1).png

Plans subject to change that maybe be inspired by you, Gaia, my Team,

ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Center), stay tuned.

My research questions right now:

  • What initiations, processes, healings, decisions are necessary to replace the programming that keeps me thinking and moving in hierarchical and patriarchal ways?

  • How can I be of service to people who want to go though Authentic Adult Initiations but don't know how or aren't ready?  

  • How can I let go of the stories that limit my capacity and ability to walk and be a radically free living woman?

I am inviting you to join me on this Adventure.

I don't mean in person, although if you want to come in person, let's talk about that too

To support me in this Experiment

Whatever amount you contribute: You are invited to join the online 'Celebration Café' at the end of 2024: a space for you to hear about the latest discoveries of Radical Freedom and ask any question about how to go on that Quest yourself.

50 euros or more: Join a group on Telegram where I share experiments, legends and we meet in a monthly 1h30 call with the purpose of delving deeper into Radical Freedom research. Starting on 16th Nov 2023, ending Dec 2024 ; Receive postcards with messages from Gaia and/or a magical object from some of the places I go. I will give it to you when we meet on the way or when I am near your region;

150 euros or more: Receive 4 sessions of any of my Services offerings within the next 8 months;

250 euros or more: Participate in any or all worktalks and trainings I offer over the next year for no other financial investment.

500 Euros or more: Receive 5 Possibility Coaching calls (1-1h30) for starting or along your own Radical Freedom travel journey.

By supporting me in this experiment, you are empowering me to serve, create, deepen, develop and inhabit my Archetypal Lineage and a facet of Archiarchy: Radical Freedom and human beings preparations for Adulthood. I invite you to become a shareholder in the value that will emerge from this Adventure.

Contribute with money

I ask for a total of 5000 Euros. This money in combination with other resources

- including financial resources that I am generating through delivering my work -

will support me to get from one place to the next (by plane, bus, boat) and cover some of my daily cost.

Here are the ways to transfer:

Account holder: Gabriela Fagundes Moreira


IBAN: BE83 9673 1513 8515

Reference: Radical Freedom Research

Address: Rue du Trône 100, 3rd floor Brussels 1050 Belgium

Brazilians, transfer via pix:

Confirm your participation by sending an email to Gabriela ( with your full name, your phone number and the amount you donated and which gifts you choose to receive.


Total received so far: 1293,75 EUROS

100==5000 x==450 (4).png
mpchapada_27 (1).JPG

Get closer to Reality, allow Life to touch you.

Listen to the bird out there singing.

What does a look taste like?

When was the last time tears ran down your cheeks?

Do you let your hair get messy in the air?

Updates of the Journey

16 . 01 . 2024

17 . 12 . 2023

I had a connection with Qinu, an artist friend who has discovered ways to create her circle and create resources from her non-material value. She shared valuable tips she has discovered over the past 12 years of experimentation. As you create a circle for your project and services, I encourage you to experiment with at least 2 of these ideas:

* There are no clients, there are only friends, there is only a team. When you say "this person is my client", you are starting from a marketing idea, you are mixing 2 contexts (service and capitalism).
* First, invite people who already know and love your work into your circle.
* Practice being a connection instead of selling yourself
* Be visible, when you first arrive, talk to the staff and present your work and website to the venue owner, at the reception or entrance check-in immediately "Hello, here is my passport, oh and I do/I am ... (feelings worker/witch/travel expert/....), do you know a place where I could hold a workshop here? I have some clients coming and I need a place to work with them, where would be a good space for that?" etc... (use your gremlin)
* leave your v-card/flyer wherever you are, even if it's just for a day
* Ask if you can put up a sign, paper with your offer and directions to you, on a daily board or in a public place - if there isn't one, put it on the door of your car/tent/room.
* Talk to people you (!) find interesting about their passion and share yours.
* Support authentically - see how you can empower them in their non-material value, practice supporting and introducing others (so you can do it for yourself too)
* Be clear about what you have to offer and practice introducing yourself - try different specialties or styles.
* The first person is important - the first person you make space for will be a catalyst and spread your work everywhere, like a hostel or community, look for other weavers.

* Offer workshops, games, live work talks or an evening feeling/sharing circle on the topic that interests you or that you want to learn for yourself.
* In hostels/hotels and while traveling you can engage other travelers with sessions or workshops such as "how to find yourself" or "how to travel with more confidence", "how to deal with my inner world/feelings on the road" or "how not to get lost"...
* Use your gremlin to share your passion, practice phrases like "in my hometown I'm fully booked, but here on the road I love that we can meet spontaneously and that there's no waiting list for you" - they'll respond "oh really, I'm so lucky to find you here..." and you'll say yes. Train yourself to be arrogant with your crush - interpret "no scarcity, you don't need their money to survive".

12 . 12 . 2023

I'm currently on my way to New Zealand. My intention is to live there for the next 3 months. My purpose there is to create the first spaces of experimentation in holding space for young adults. I'm organizing a Rage Day with Maria Diaz for young women and I'm organizing an "18, what now?" circle to bring to festivals around New Zealand throughout the summer. I feel joy in taking the first steps in creating this project and connecting in person with the Human Beings I have been creating together online for the past year.


I have discovered that emptiness is the necessary space for conscious creation. Just as the womb and the seed are empty for life to germinate, empty space is necessary within us to create. Radical freedom is having the ability to create that void wherever you are. What is left when there is no external stimulus and you step away from reactivity?

When we are constantly consuming and consuming - the next cure, the next video, the next course, the next training, the next book - the outside noise gets so loud that we cannot hear the voice our inner resources anymore, it is saturated. A possible experiment to test for yourself is to declare 3 days without consumption. You are welcome. No TV, no Internet, no books. See what happens.


What comes out of the emptiness in you?


07 . 12 . 2023

The center of my days here in Bali has been Discovery, Connection, Presence, and Hight Level Fun (even now that I've been lying down for 4 days recovering from some bruises I got from driving and falling off a scooter).


I've had to ask people I don't know to buy me food and go to the pharmacy and help me with things, and it's bringing me closer to people. I have become friends with my neighbors in the hostel.


One of the women has been buying me food for 2 days, we started talking about anger and being a good girl, and now she is experimenting with telling me no today and tomorrow. She is discovering how scary and difficult it is for her to do this. We have incredible conversations. She is from Japan. For the Japanese, it is a sin to say no to someone if you can help.


Before returning to Ubud, where I am now writing, I was in Songan and Kintamani, two small villages in the north of Bali. I spent 8 days living offline as a Balinese in the home of two families. I learned how to make offerings, cooked Nasi Goreng (a dish they eat almost every day, based on rice and vegetables), played with the children, discovered that they have a birthday twice a year, every 6 months. The meaning of "birthday" for them is that every 6 months the spirit incarnates a little more in matter, in the body. This is celebrated until marriage, when you get to be fully incarnatedes, after which they have no more 'birthdays'.

Something I have observed is that the sense of 'individuality' and 'self' is not as strong in Balinese culture as it is in America. The Balinese have basically the same name (your name is made up of the order in which you were born, your gender, and your caste). For example, if you were born first, your name would be Wayan, Putu, or Gede. They also stay together with the whole family, for life. They eat together on the ground. I experienced com(unity) by being in your culture.

Talking to some of the young people in the village, I discovered that there are basically two rites of passage into adulthood. For boys, they go to the big Medingar cities for 2 years.The purpose, according to one boy I talked to, is "if you learn to live from nothing, then you have nothing to fear in life."


I felt angry because women are not allowed to take this initiation, their initiation into this culture, which is patriarchal, is to get married and have children, which gives them more responsibility. Another initiation that both boys and girls go through is around the age of 18, they have their canines shaved.The meaning of the canine for them is the animal and shadow part, they call it 'dirty'. Entering adulthood means dealing with this and being ready and open to the family.


They tell me that the central part of their culture is 'you are me, we are one' and I experienced this first hand. Everywhere in this small village I saw myself in them. Cooperation and connection flowed everywhere.In the taxi, in the restaurant, in the homes of the families, on the street .On the other hand, I noticed that some Balinese see this as an 'obligation': 'I have to help and do good for you, otherwise I will have bad karma.

Being in this culture, so different from the one I was born and raised in, brought me into a deep liquid state. It created a gap in my body between what is possible, and I was able to experience beyond my mind that culture is something completely invented by us, humans, and because it is invented, it can be consciously reinvented or created from scratch.


21 . 11 . 2023

I arrived in Bali today, so I'm celebrating. I'm staying at a family hostel in Ubud. It's 28 degrees here. The air is different here. I feel like it's more compressed and more intense. Since I arrived, I have been amazed by the number of beautiful temples on every street and the crazy traffic. People here have great skills in their energy bodies to keep the bikes from crashing all together.


I got from the airport to the hostel with a taxi driver and we had a 2-hour conversation using Google Translate. I started to learn Indonesian, the pronunciation is close to Portuguese. It was nourishing to have a cultural conversation with her. I'm discovering that I love being curious and asking real questions about culture.


I asked her, Idi, what she is. She said, 'I am a Muslim. I asked what that meant. She said, 'Islam. I asked her what it means to be Muslim. She said, 'I am Islam because my mother and my mother's mother were Islam. Being Islam means having good actions and feelings, and that your actions and feelings are worth more than your words. It means never eating pork (I asked why pork, she said she didn't know why, just that she never ate it).

We continued the conversation and ended up sharing what we do when we're not working for money. She started to cry and said: "I work because I want to give my children a better future, but what I really want is to love them and be with them. I am here and not there. Then she got embarrassed and started talking about traffic.

I was touched by her willingness to speak to me so deeply and by the presence of her being.

18 . 11 . 2023

Leonhard Geupel and I met in Athens and then in Crete. The purpose of this meeting was to enjoy each other's presence, to have fun and to experiment with myself as a woman, to give space to the relationship.

I realized that at the beginning of the trip I was sleeping in the 'tourist' mode, wanting to go to 'known' places, always choosing where to eat with Google Maps, 'having to explore the place as much as possible', voices like 'you are traveling, you have to visit as many things as possible'. I presented myself as a 'normal tourist'. This disconnected me from the natural impulses of my being to build relationships with locals, to make suggestions, to ask questions.

I decided to experiment with something more. I added to the original purpose of this trip the purpose of being a cultural explorer and a walking Valor wherever I was. Once I declared this purpose, I was able to experience the change that happened in reality. I acted on the impulse to talk to people, I started having conversations from culture to culture with women on the street, in restaurants, in museums, in bakeries. I chose restaurants with my belly and my energetic body, I decided what food to order by asking the waitress what her favorite food was, I didn't visit so many museums, I spent a lot of time with the rocks and the sea.

I met Flora, she works in a pastry shop near Ierapetra, Greece. I went there 3 times. She is an elegant and present being. We had an interesting conversation and I share some excerpts with you. This is one way you can practice conversations from culture to culture:

-Where do you live? (she asked me)
-I live here now, in a hostel near Ierapetra.
-Seriously, do you live in a hostel? Where are you from?
-I was born in Brazil. I was Brazilian, but now I'm discovering what I want to be. Maybe I will be Greek, what does it take to be Greek?
She is confused by this question.
-What do you mean?
-How did you become Greek?
- I was born here, so I'm Greek.
- So to become Greek I would have to be reborn on this earth.
She laughed.
- Yes, but you can also learn the Greek language, it can make you a little more Greek.
-You are Greek?
-Yes, but I don't really like being Greek.
-Why not?
-Because people here are always stuck in the past. All the things they did in the past, but there's no focus on evolving now. In fact, I don't think of myself as very Greek. I like to think I'm more civilized overall.

We talked for a few more minutes. In that conversation I learned that if I don't make assumptions about anything, I can connect with anyone at any time. I was so nourished.


During this time in Crete, I watched a clear and powerful documentary called From the Godness. This documentary breaks the taboos of matriarchy and how it is a myth that in matriarchy women were above men and "in power". This is a view created by patriarchal archaeologists. Matriarchal cultures were about harmony with the land and there were no weapons because they were not necessary. The purpose of not knowing about matriarchal cultures in the world internationally is to make everyone think that only patriarchy has always existed and is the only possibility. I discovered that Crete was the most prevalent matriarchal culture in ancient Europe and was destroyed by a tsunami.

When I visited the Herakliton Archaeological Museum, I started at the back of the exhibit. The two pieces that caught my attention the most were these bones and this representation of what a village looked like. Looking at these bones, I was able to connect with the acceptance of death and giving back to the land that existed in these villages in the past. Somehow these cultures had a reverence and acceptance of death, I could see it in the way they ritualized and created patterns and paintings on the death vessels.


The representation of the village led me to imagine that this could be a sketch of an arctaturia of an arcane village, with a cluster of brighouses gathered together and some gardens and common living spaces.


09 . 11 . 2023

Today I woke up in a bad mood, putting pressure on myself for the next steps and projects I'm creating. I decided to follow my impulse to go to a very secluded beach near where I am staying here in Crete. When I got there, I lay down on the sand, listened to the dance of the sea, and fell asleep. When I woke up, my physical body longed to bury itself in the ground. My mind created different stories and reasons not to do it, "you'll get dirty, those two people will think you're crazy, what if there are animals, worms in the sand, what if those pebbles hurt you...". Blah blah blah.


I decided to trust the impulse of my physical body. I asked Leonhard to help me dig a deep hole in the sand. It became a temple. I lay down in this temple. As he buried me in the sand, the cells in my body vibrated with joy. I was embraced by Gaia. My body was celebrating.


I felt the blood pulse in every millimeter of my body, I discovered what the blood pulse was like behind the knee, in the uterus, in the feet, at the tip of the little finger, behind the neck. I was able to talk to my uterus and it said to me, "I'm glad you're surrendering to life. I feel more space. I don't have to put pressure on myself anymore. I got my period today and for the first time in a long time I didn't feel any cramps. Nothing. It was the first time I felt joy when I was bleeding.


I felt Gaia's pulse in my spine. My bodies realigned. I managed to drop my fear to 0 and surrender to this space. My body space became one with the earth. For 1 hour in this space I experienced entering reality. Pure reality without stories. No resistance. I remember you @SusanneHutzler telling me at the Archiarchy Makers Fair "just let go, open your hand and let go". I was able to let go of control and pressure in this experiment.


I was able to choose to shift the way I navigate reality in my physical body and on Gaia.


Documentation of this Research so far

Here I share with you the documentation of this research. I present to you what worked and what what didn't, and the results and lessons learned from the experiments. I do this through clear and powerful articles, interviews, videos and upcoming trainings.

Recording of monthly meetings, research group



Videos & Worktalks


Inspirations from other EdgeWorkers

Podcast Radically Alive Women: Holdingspace for transformation on a bridge boat: Sylvan Kuczera (Pirate Boat of Love and Transformation, Part 3)

Article wrote by Tamara Montenegro: Coming closer to Reality

Documetary 'From the Goodness', an inspiration about Women and Culture Creators

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