Hello my name is Gabriela

welcome to my
personal website

Co-creating and researching

a new culture



The essence behind my serving is to unlock, to free up space for creation, for reconnection with feeling, with the enchantment of life. It's about freeing up space so we can take a stand for what matters to us,and being able to access the infinite possibilities that surround us. I do this by creating transformational spaces of initiation, experimentation and discovery. I create to transform and transform to create space.

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I am...

A traveler of universes in verses, a walker of the unknown and navigator of feelings and complexity. I am a catalyst for transformation and a prism of clarity. I am art, nature, life, breath, sea and sky.

My purpose is to explore new possibilities to create a game world where the main rule is to live an extraordinary life. I experiment, research, explore, navigate and live the inner and outer worlds to co-create a new reality, a new culture in which we can fully live our potential, our destiny in action.

For me, one of the most painful things is seeing the people around me so asleep, disconnected: from themselves, from nature, from the life that pulsates within each one. Seeing people losing the sense of what it's like to be alive, apathetic, just following the life that was handed to them in script breaks my heart.


That's why this sentence by Luizes, that Alex Bretas introduced me, touches me deeply: "the opposite of life is not death, it's disenchantment". To be disenchanted with life is not feeling, not caring, not having space to experience love.


What I've been discovering on this journey so far is that feeling fully anger, fear, sadness and joy is the portal to living fully, adult, building intimacy and being able to be our archetypal lineage in action in the world. That is why my service today is to offer spaces for the enchantment of life to be recovered. 

Navigating the feeling, creating a New Culture!

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Investimento: $ 100 a $ 45
Duration: from 30 to 120 min
The emotional healing process is a facilitated transformational change experience that has a beginning, middle and end. It lasts between 30 to 120 minutes.
From the inner navigation you will experience and express Feelings and/or Emotions, this is a process in which it is necessary to go through a Liquid State (any one of its 5 Bodies), only then is it possible to have transformation
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WAVES in verses

Articles, reflections, inquiries and a little of what goes on here

I write to see through living

See the essence of being grow and bloom

An act of surrendering, of surrendering

To feel the pen ink run down.

transfigure into letters

mere symbols that dance and intertwine

play and bump

composing of feeling, raw material, the most beautiful theater.

Freedom, to meet the truth

vomit on dead trees the most human insanity

empty the emptiness that overflows from the chest

the deepest sense of inadequacy and ambiguity

Transpose the insurmountable

A continuous act of stable instability and

an eternal act of unstable stability

a dance in inexorable chaos

Write, stop believing and see to feel

let the core come

let the pure flow

than life has to bloom

"The opposite of life is not death, it's disenchantment"
~Luiz Simas and Luiz Rufino

I have participated in the journeys and healing processes with her and it has been transformative! In a short time, I redefined a lot of things, especially about feeling. I didn't allow myself to feel. With Gabriela, I discovered how healthy it is to feel and use feelings in our favor. I have also healed many emotions. I realize that I'm getting along better with people, getting different results than before. Changing my perspective and my actions made me get to know myself and establish deeper relationships. I feel very comfortable with her and, even with some practical experiences on the team, there is a lot of welcome and respect. I feel all the transformation that has already taken place, and I know that many will still come using the tools and proposals it brings.

~Michele Germani