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Let's drink a tea?

A weekly open space on Zoom for you to chat, chat, connect and experiment with me and

other Edge Workers around the world.

You may have met me in a hostel, in a conversation in a restaurant, in training, in the theater, in Possibilities Management groups, in a meeting on the street, or a meeting in the family where I was born, at university or school. We may not have spoken for years, we may have spoken last week, or we may have spoken today.

I created this open space to get to know you again, and again, to create intimacy and connect with you. The purpose of this space is also to weave a village and connect edge workers from different circles.

This is an open space for whatever arises. We can chat about the latest events and adventures in our lives, we can have a space for listening, an emotional healing process, storytelling, practicing a skill...


Every Wednesday, from 10 to 11pm CEST. 


My name is Gabriela Fagundes Moreira.

I am Spaceholder for Transformational, Healing and Initation Spaces. 

This website is a platform on which I centralize all the works and creations that emerge from my Archetypal Lineage and Bright Principles. These works and creations come in different formats: videos, experiments, events, training, articles, poems, newsletters and services.

My current work is to meet with organisms - individuals, institutions or communities - and open doors to expand Consciousness in the emotional, energetic and archetypal realms, so that you, and-or your community, have access to more possibilities for choice, creation and collaboration .

I am passionate about collaborating with Projects and Communities that are a Laboratory and seed for the emergence of a Regenerative Culture on Earth. I'm fascinated by how you and I can move from war to collaboration, from separation to interdependence, and from apathy and numbness to aliveness and action. I am passionate about empowering and enabling the seed that you are to grow into a unique tree, unfolding your gifts and awakening to your essential Purpose.



You may be here because remaining numb and in your comfort zone is no longer an option for you.

I offer safe and dangerous spaces for you to get in touch with what is really going on inside you, for you to take greater levels of responsibility in your personal life and around you, and for you to update the way you think.


In 1-1 Coaching sessions I accompany you on a journey of healing, sustainable transformation, practice and matrix building for Adult Maturity. Gain clarity on what stops you from being your Authentic Self. Clarity creates possibility. What wants to be seen, healed and transformed?

In couples sessions I offer maps and tools to navigate and negotiate Intimacy, clear resentment and create more space for Love and Fun to happen.


At some point in your life, probably in school, you developed a defensive relationship towards learning. You have developed a fear of making mistakes, of failing, of trying, of creating, of appearing crazy. You have probably begun to inhabit the desert of verbal reality and the prison of right and wrong. In this space I accompany you on a journey of learning to learn again. I present you with maps and practices to empower you to learn whatever skill you want to learn and to become a rapid learner again.


What comes after completing one of the longest and most challenging schools in life: Motherhood? What's your next step as a woman who brought Life to life? Graduation of mothers is an Initiation that marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle in the lives of women who have dedicated 18 years, or 25 years, or even 40 years as mothers. I accompany you on this journey, which can take 1 to 2 years. This journey includes Celebrations, grieving, healing and initiation processes, team building and different experiments.


A 30-minute call will give you a boost of possibilities, aliveness and clarity. I become an empty bench for you to work on ideas, thoughts and feelings. You bring a project that is stagnant, an article or video that is stuck, something in the relationship with your teenager that you don't see ways to create a connection with, a gray area in the relationship with your partner. And we go on an adventure of unfolding Conscious Creation in the here and now.

Rage Club

The Rage Club is an important step for you to learn to feel and take responsibility for your feelings and your life.

It is an Initiation into Adulthood. It can be experienced as an in-person or online event. Neither of these two ways of doing this is superior to the other. Both have slightly different qualities and have the potential to generate new results in your life.

I offer it in 4 different formats:


I accompany you on an individualized journey of working with anger, empowering you to develop a deep and sustainable relationship with your anger. In weekly or fortnightly sessions I provide exercises, emotional healing processes, feedback and coaching for your development. Contact me to schedule a session


Create a group with 3 other people who have a common theme that you want to deepen, such as: Confusion, Creation and Purpose, Authenticity, Intimacy, Bulimia, Limits, Depression, Envy and rejection. I accompany your team on a 4 to 6 week journey, with 2-hour weekly meetings and experiments to deepen your research.


From time to time I create an online Anger Club series, where a group of 8 to 12 people come together to change their relationship with Anger. There are usually 4 to 7 weeks of weekly meetings lasting 2h30. You can find upcoming dates on the events page. If you click here, you can also find other spaceholders offers.


It is a highly transformational 6-8 hour workshop. In this type of space we carry out some types of processes and initiations that require in-person experience, such as standing rage, which aims to place limits on some relationship. If you want an in-person day of anger in your city, contact me and let's organize one!

What is it worth for you to take risks and
jump into the unknown?

Often, the life you dream of living and that your heart knows is possible is the one that your mind and your fear have a million reasons not to start. What if you started today instead of tomorrow?

What if you took a leap into the unknown and opened yourself up to the new?

What if you were yes to discomfort and pain instead of fighting with it?

What if you re-encounter your Being during your Human experience?


Entirely new cultures are created by the inspiring effects of individuals like you, taking responsibility for creating what's important to you, one step at a time.

Through the Principles of Love, Clarity, Transformation and Presence, I facilitate trainings, workshops and individual sessions for your next step towards taking on more Responsibility and taking the leap into your next evolutionary Adventure.

Events & Trainings

Recent Articles

Interviews, Dinstinctions & Worktalks


Testimonials & Legends


I am so glad to be shuffling around on this earth at the same time as you Gabriela and I am especially glad that our paths crossed for a couple of days. I fell into love that day in the building communication bridges, accompanied by your clear and beautiful presence. This Earth is blessed by your footsteps regardless of which part of it you happen to be treading on.


Gabriela 's presence regenerates any space. Her aliveness, joy, love and skills are used as keys for healing, initiation and transformation. She listen's with her heart. Her sharp clarity is used to be on your team in service of the changes you want to create. Her dedication to her own journey of discovery and empowerment infuses the spaces she holds. A Woman of Integrity and Authenticity. She is Aliveness. Do you want more aliveness? Reach out to her


You are value, your questions are valuable. There is something in you about "being the path". I see you and because i see you I see the path. You make the subtlties visable and tangible. AND you are connection - connection as a way of being in the world. You move as water around the world.

images (1).jpg

Gabriela holdspace for valuable workshops with clarity and precision and also with a lightness that makes learning a pleasure. As a coach I also use the map we explored, so it wasn't new information and it was still very valuable once we tried the concepts in practice, so they became much more relevant, useful and alive for me on a daily basis. I strongly recommend Gabriela's work.

Joseph Goldin, USA, de uma série de Clube da Raiva

I've been in the rage club for about 4 weeks. I have been learning how to reach out and express my anger, but I often encounter blocks. Fear of what others think. I really want to let it all out.

 Today, during training I hate, I managed to let it all out. I was also able to connect my anger to my words in a way I hadn't done in a long time. It was different to be able to say that I hate with clarity and power. Sometimes I've said I hate it... in a way that reveals my power and I feel powerless. This new way was so good. I hate changing myself for other people and trying to make others comfortable! I'm tired of caring. I hate not having good male role models. I hate how repressed I am and how repressed so many people are. I hate how boring life is. I hate drama, I hate mold and having to spend all my money on my health… and more and more. I let it all out.

I felt my energy body and my physical body change, become more powerful, clearer, more present and direct. I felt transformed. It felt like I was younger and was learning karate from one of the best karate masters in New York. I felt so alive. I'm going to bring this back into my life. In my boundaries, decisions and interactions with other people.

For a long time I had a lot of anger, but I didn't know what to do with it. He told me that it was useless, as there had been situations that irritated me. I couldn't change the past situation, but I was angry and didn't know what to do with it. I didn't know how to let this go. Now I have a new way of being with this that is good. My anger was hurting me, making me feel small, hating myself, making me not trust people, and putting a wall between myself and others. I'm so grateful to find this other path. This new way of using my anger to find clarity and to protect and empower myself and show me new information. I had been looking for this type of work for a long time.

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