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What am I up to?

Latest news on the adventures of Gabriela Fagundes

Researching Balinese Culture

Indonesia, Bali, December, 2023

Bali was the beginning of my adventure and research into radical freedom. This research is about discovering processes and experiments to increase the volume of my inner wisdom and soul. It's about becoming more sensitive to the impulses that come from the center of your being, rather than reacting to everything that comes from the outside.

Traveling and being in contact with a culture so different from the one in which I was born has opened up an empty space in me to discover what I love, what I hate, and what I want to create. Soon I will write an article about the discoveries I made here.

Encouter and StartOver

Greece, November, 2023

Leonhard Geupel and I met in Athens and then in Crete. The purpose of this encounter was to enjoy each other's presence, to have hight level fun, and to experiment with myself as a Woman, holding the space for relating with him, as Men.


One of the experiments was: you wait until I find in myself what I want. I say what I want and I do what I want. If you have a Yes or a Yes and... you join me. If you have a no, then we do it alone whatever the thing is and then we meet again.

I remember the first day we went out to eat in a restaurant. I sat in bed for 30 minutes not knowing what to eat or where to go. I was so lost, I didn't even know how to find a restaurant on Google Maps. It came down to little decisions like, do we turn right, left, or go straight? Go to the beach, a museum, a hotel? Which movie to watch? What should we do now?

The first few days were scary as I was saying what I wanted all the time. Most of the time I didn't even know what I wanted. There were minutes, hours filled with silence, emptiness.


Gradually I began to experience a source of clarity, integrity and dignity welling up from my center. Practicing this with a man was empowering.

In June 2025, Leonhard and I will be hosting spaces for a 3-month journey for couples. If you are interested, please send me a message.


Possibility Lab, Women of Earth

Portugal, October, 2023

In August of 2023, I attended a training called: Laboratory of Possibilities, Women of the Earth. It took place in Portugal.


In this training I remembered the fire that comes from love and clarity in my heart. Together with 26 other women I set fire to the patriarchy within us.


First session. One line. Not on arrival. From the beginning.


Behind this line we all sit. In the patriarchy. Not by conscious choice. But because I believe there is no other choice.

Read more about what I experienced in this room HERE

Portugal, October, 2023

From 16 to 20th of October 2023, the first Archiarchy Maker's Fair in the world took place in Portugal.


I was ecstatic to be with 17 Extraordinary Genius Makers. For the first time in a long time, I could create from a place of no pressure. I could 'go with the flow' and liberate my impulses from the NOW. I was thrilled to be able to suddenly change my mind, make proposals, and be in the Team instead of isolating myself. I felt like I was in the movie Tomorrowland, with different inventions and creations sprouting up everywhere.

As I tune into my experience of these 5 days, I feel glad and more glad. I am glad because of the beauty and power of the Archetypal Feminine space that was created in the Women Of Earth Lab and that later, in the Fair, we Women continued to unfold this Archetypal Feminine space through our Clarity and our Seeds.


I'm all the more glad because during the Archiarchy Maker's Fair, our archetypal collaboration and empowerment was amplified through Torus Technology and the chaotic creation spaces.


I am glad because it was real.


During these days and nights, we were not just talking about Archiarchy. We were living Archiarchy in the now, with our hands, our Real Voices, our Declarions, our Proposals, our Negtiations, and our building of new Gameworlds. My Red Brain inside me just jumped from one place to another in immense joy.


We thrived together in:

  • Portrait photography for websites

  • Video creation studio spaces

  • Intimacy spaces

  • Groundlessness spaces where ordinary certainty fails so that the space can become extraordinary

  • Worktalks

  • Emotional Healing Processes (EHP)

  • Massage spaces, and

  • Website Building and writing spaces

New gameworlds kept emerging. For example, the gameworld of the Training Makers which Jeff Shub is holding space for.


During the Archiarchy Maker Fair I was empowered to take a scary leap into the unknown, to begin a year-long research and experiment personally engaging Radical Freedom. Starting now I will travel around planet Earth for one year in a Nomadic Team, in fact, in a nomadic Bridge-House with two extraordinary women: Sónia Gonçalves and Maria Diaz. I start by arriving in Bali on November 20th, and then the 3 of us will meet in person at the end of December or beginning of January, in New Zealand.


A small team at the Fair gave me possibility for creating a Gameworld out of if, starting with a crowdfunding. I am going with it. I'm creating the webpage, it's almost ready. During the week I'll share with you.


The ripples of this life-changing doorway still revebaretes in me, and in the Village. I feel so glad about it.


I want to share recordings of some of the spaces that happened:


Radical Freedom Research with @VeraLuisaFranco and myself: 


Story of Aging - @SusanneHutzler and Anna Interview @ClintonCallahan: 


Dignified Arrogant Women Carry Seeds of Archiarchy with Anne-Chloé Destremau and Bishop Reid:


Love and Creation,


France, September, 2023

Art'chiarchy Bridgehouse was a four-week experiment in which we lived together and empowered Gabriel Lechimin to create a permanent portal of artistic and emotional empowerment for a new culture called Archiarchy in his town, Bagnères de Bigorre, Southern France.

In this laboratory, we are exploring Radical Responsibility in practice, with the mission of opening the field to local communities and topermaculture in this rural town.

PlayFight in the Mud

In person, Rage Day

Gabriel Lechemin and I held space for a day-long Conscious Anger Workshop. It was a chaotic, transformational, high level fun space where these 3 women you see in the photo reclaimed their true voice, got their man center, cleared energetic space with abusers and practiced using their sword of clarity in service to their heart and its purpose.

After 2 weeks of intense training in Poland (Heal From School and Possibilitator Training) my bodies were asking for integration and one of the practices that helps me in the process of integrating intense healing and transformational spaces is the practice of PlayFight.  What I love about this practice is the possibility to play mindfully, as 'adults', for the purpose of connection, simplicity and presence.


One of the highlights of living in a BridgeHouse is the opportunity to make proposals, receive counter-proposals, and use the intelligence of a team to create spaces of connection, love, and intimacy. I brought the proposal to facilitate a PlayFight session and with the resistance and intelligence of the group we germinated a unique experience.

We went to a nearby park and decided to do it in the mud. It was incredible to feel the cold of the wet earth, to be embraced by the dirt, massaged by the stones and bathed in the rain.

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