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Unfolding your Essence 

Your Being is here. You are reading these words now, your Being inhabits you. Your Being is you. Even if the space in your bodies is truly empty, or the doors of your presence are locked, your Being is still there. Waiting to awaken, to become alive, to have space to express yourself, to Create, to Serve, to be with other Beings.

Maybe the next step that your Being is calling you to now is to travel the world, let everything fall apart and walk away. Maybe it's asking you to start settling in one place. Whatever the emergence of your Being, I accompany you on the journey of Unfolding. Maybe your next step is to build your way out of the corporate world. Perhaps your Being is searching for a creative space. Maybe you've had that project in your drawer for months, and you want to finally start taking the first steps towards bringing it to life.

This is a process of 5 to 7 meetings where you create more intimacy with yourself, with your Being.


Its essence comes through Creation and Service. This is the way you can get closer and closer to your heart and who you are.


This process is for people who seek to Unfold their Being in Reality and who want to take responsibility for who they are.

Paiting made by Guen Dirks after experiencing a session

  • Get more in touch with your role on Planet Earth;

  • Distill your talents and passions, the qualities and values (your Shining Principles) that are yours, and create a path for your own evolution;

  • Finding your purpose and living it allows you to evoke your full potential so you can live a fulfilling life;

  • Create or refine your next talk or training;

  • Getting pregnant from a project;

  • Create Clarity about what you want to create and distill the next steps to follow with clarity and reality;

Unfolding your Essence is a space designed for:


  • It can be Online (Zoom) or Offline (I'm a nomad, get in touch to negotiate locally);

  • Investment of 80 euros per session;

  • Duration of a session is 1h to 1h30;

  • This is a medium-length journey, 5 to 7 sessions recommended;

  • In each session there are practices. It is important that you do these before your next session

Do you feel like this space is your Next Step?

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