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Chose your commitment star

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

And then something totally new is possible!

What is a commitment? What happend when you decided to be commited with something?

Commitment is about living full out, beyond the limits of the false security of your box. Commitment is when you become the person who it's already living the thing that you wish or dream. If you dream to travel the world you become right now the person who travels the world, you shift your identity. You go shopping and communicate in the language that you are practising to travel. You go to work another way and allow yourself to become lost, as if you were in a different country, you ask for help as a foreigner.

Commitment takes place in your energetic body through a deep decision. If you do this only in your mind you start to have symptoms like: having to motivate yourself to do things, starting to self-manipulate yourself, thinking about how things are going to happen and not allowing ECCO to guide you. If you have one of these symptoms it means that you have not really committed yourself, follow the experiment at the end of this article ;)

Many huge soul-nurturing projects go uncreated because you do not use commitment as a force of nature. If you seek security and knowing, tiny distractions have the power to divert you from delivering your destiny and make commitments happen. Turning obstacles into bridges also applies when making big commitments, such as moving to a new country, or marrying someone, homeschooling your children, being in your next training, getting out of the school construct, getting out of Patriarchy, or removing aliveness-sucking objects from your closets, garage and cupboards. Making outrageous commitments and fulfilling them is a form of High Level Fun. The universe is begging you to come out and play. When you really get committed, nothing can block you. This is because commitment transforms every hindrance into a stepping stone along the path of making your commitment happen.

However, you learned in life that first you have a dream, then you know how to do it and finally you commit to make it happen. First you plan, calculate, figure out the money, find the people, learn the language, you make it safe, , and then when everything is in control you can commit. For example, when you start to relate with someone, you learn in the linear way that you need to spend some time with the person first, "know her", know what will work to relate with this person and then in some years you can commit to her/him and create a life together. After knowing how you commit. Nevertheless the universe doesn't work in this way.

In the Universe something does not happen unless there is necessity. A flower unfolds because there is a need for the bee to pollinate it. A bee exists because in evolution there is a need for species to thrive. Everything comes to life out of real need. To human beings, commitment creates necessity.

So if commitment is such a great force of nature capable of creating necessity and therefore capable of making things happen then how can you commit to something that you want before you know how it will happen?

If you have a dream and you wait around hoping that circumstances will magically rearrange themselves so that your wish comes true, then you remain a victim of circumstances. You can blame society if you don't have money, you can complain about scarcity and misery in life, you can give up your dreams and keep living the same life with the excuse that you don't have enough resources. As soon as you commit yourself you lose the possibility of blaming someone else or your circumstances. You take the radical responsibility for it. "All the consequences of your commitment, all the Beep!s and all the Go!s, were caused by you. The Box wants neither uncomfortable success nor uncomfortable failure. It wants its familiar and secure comfort zone. Commitment takes you into a new world beyond the borders of your Box and your knowledge." (Spark 111)

When you commit to something you don't need to know how this thing will happen. A flower is engaged in offering pollen to the bee and it doesn't know how to bloom, it just grows and lives, day after day. It almost never happens that you figure out how to make a thing happen before you actually start making the thing happen. Your commitment to go ahead, no matter what, creates the necessity for you to discover or invent how to do it.

But how's it possible to commit with something without knowing how?

Of course this question is plausible if you were born and raised in Modern Culture and Patriarchy, where the point of origin is located in knowing and understanding. You start your life going to school to "learn", to know. Being able to commit beyond the known could sound a strange idea. Changing your mind about it is the magic key that opens the portal for you to access infinite resources and possibilities, because what you know is just 0,001% what exists. If you learn to navigate in the unknown and be ok with that so then you become having superpowers, you can develop the ability to commit without knowing how.

Commitment is not positive thinking, not repeating wishful words to yourself, not being a responsible victim, not a promise made to someone else. Commitment does not happen by thinking. Commitment is a gesture made in your energetic body, an internal adjustment to how you experience yourself. Your commitment is an invitation for circumstances to provide what you need even though, in the moment before your commitment, resources may have been invisible and the task may have seemed impossible.

When you actually commit to being your destiny in action, your energetic body changes shape. Then your vigour and presence grow ten-fold because the universe conforms to your new shape allowing archetypal forces to assist you.

I am an experimenter and did not find myself convinced by these words, so I decided to try it in my own skin and see what happened. What I discovered is that when I commit to something, the universe and life bring to me the knowing how. I create the possibilities.I'm not talking about the Law of Attraction, this bullshit spiritual theory, that you think and all problems are dissolved. I'm talking about something practical, real.

In June I had this impulse to do my first Lab. I went to the Possibility Management website and started to scroll down the page, suddenly I saw Heal From School, and then I had a big YES in all my 5 bodies. It was clear. That is it. 30 seconds later all my survival mechanisms started to be activated: "oh no, but it's in Europe, it's so distant", "no this training will happen in August you don't have so much time to have this money", "You don't know to speak enough english to do this training", "it's impossible for you have all this money in 2 months, no way" "it's euro, five times more, you can't do it" and so on... My box could create 1000 more reasons to give up on this idea. But I'm not my box.

How often has this type of situation happened with you? Your being has a clear yes, clear as water, it's guiding you on your path, and then you start to be confused. Thoughts, fears, emotions, box. You lose this clarity 30 seconds later, it's so fast. In this situation I did the experiment of using the super power of commitment to cross over these resistances. I grab the clear YES of my being, like my Gremlin grabs a bar of chocolate.

I lay down in my room. I was in Florianopolis, in one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been before. The weather was fresh, the sky was open. I took off my shoes, I put my feet on the earth, I connected myself with Gaia, and then the sky called me.

I looked to the sky, and started to talk and share the voices, I shared all these resistances out loud. While I was talking one star was calling me. I guessed that it was jupiter. I was hypnotised by this. I looked at it, totally connected and then I used 40% of my anger to say " I AM COMMITTED TO BE IN THIS LAB, HEAL FROM SCHOOL, IN AUGUST. UNIVERSE GIVE ME THE KNOW HOW". I choose this star/planet to be confident of this commitment. This was my commitment star.

Waves flowed through my bones, into my spine. I had goosebumps all over my body. I didn't just say it with my mind. It was all my bodies, together. In this moment I became the person that make it happen.

I started to guide this force, I started to have impulses and follow them, one after the other. I got the impulse to do worktalks, I started to offer my website freelancing in the Village group, and I ask for possibilities from 5 different people. I started to do it, even the ones that didn't make sense, especially these ones.

For example, Anne-Chloe mentioned the possibility of taking a boat, and I made contact with people going to Europe with a boat, even though my box was telling me that this didn't make sense. I started to do a lot of emotional healing processes about scarcity and about not being able to create value. In this process I BECOME THE PERSON WHO HAD THE MONEY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Two weeks after I sent a message in the Possibility group talking about my freelance website-building, a person offered me 600 Eurosto build his website. This was more than half of what I needed. One day after another, minimising my present to the now, just taking the next step, becoming that person, the day came to embark for Europe. The day had come to experience this next step of my initiation into adulthood.

This commitment to go to Portugal to do this Lab has guided me to places that my mind never imagined. This commitment guided me to the Czech Republic, to the BridgeHouse where I am writing this article. Here I am creating and taking the next important steps in my path of transformation and evolution. A commitment from your Being has the power to put you in the next place you need to be and to connect you with the right people at the right time.

With this experiment I took a cord, grabbed this star and then I jumped for the next level of the evolution spiral in my life. In the way I found triggers, emotions, voices and resistances. When you have this clear YES from your being you can't wait for that, because it's always guiding you through evolution and transformations, the universe works in this way. The ticket is all inclusive. You can't grab the star and wait on the ground. It's not possible to jump off a cliff and hope to fly if you have not become a bird woman before.

To make something happen, commit first, before you know how – commitment creates the necessity for gaining knowledge and resources.


Choose something you've been wanting to commit to, but are putting off, pretending it's not there. Write down all the voices and what is holding you back from committing to making that thing happen. Then follow your body's impulses and connect with a force of nature to be the conductor of that commitment (it can be a star like it was for me, but it can also be a tree, a fire, the ocean, a rock). Connect with that, say out loud all the resistances you wrote down, and then increase your anger by 40% and say "I CHOOSE TO COMMIT...". Feel your energy body changing shape, stay in that place for a while. Write down everything that comes. You have become this person, now you act from this new body.

Love, Unfolding Essence Gabriela

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