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  • Gabriela Moreira

Becoming the Source

Updated: Feb 12

"How do I love myself and empower myself to create what I want to create, without limiting myself to my age, with my story of 'I'm already too old'?", Madalena asks me.

The first words out of my mouth are "start by empowering and loving other people who are limited by the idea that they are old. And you will reside in Empowerment and Love.

What are the ways you want to empower other people in this direction, in practice?"

Earth being pulled by the sun

Source. Start. Star. Radiance.

Maybe you understand source as a place, person or thing from where you can get something or where something starts, for example 'the supermarket is the source of my food', or 'instagram is the source of my distraction', or 'the source of my work are these methods'.

When I mention Source, with a capital letter here in this article, I refer to the Origin, the place where the Archetypal, invisible and infinite world lives. In different cultures different names are given to it: God, Allah, Universe, Krishna, Olorum, Jah. In my Culture I call it Source.

In almost all religions the Source is placed as something distant from you, a superior force to which you must fear, pray, pay, sacrifice.

In my experience, all Source wants is for you to turn your back to Her. All Source wants are mouths, minds, hearts, hands, ears, so She can speak, write, Create and express herself. You are the biggest mouth, mind, heart that Source has as an instrument.

Of all the things I learned in the Catholic Church, this is one of the only things that still makes sense to me. One of my favorite songs was 'Lord, make me an instrument of your peace'. Today I rewrite this song as 'Source, burn what I know so that I can be your instrument'. In a culture where knowledge is the most important thing, everything I'm writing may seem crazy. It may seem insane that you put words to what you can't see.

Source does not want your pride, your ego, your prayer, your sacrifice and victim life. The Source wants to use you. Source vibrates and radiates when you turn your back to her, and becomes the space through which She can do her work in the world.

I am becoming because you are becoming. Gratitude happens when you become. The Source language is Love. Love happens from the moment there is a relationship with another consciousness. The less you 'do' more Love can happens. The Source is not for you. Source emerges from you.

It is possible for you to change your mind about what is in the center of your Life. It is possible that you can choose for your Life to be at the service of something greater than yourself. You can choose to stop making your life about you (about your box, your ego, your preferences, your past, your stories, your plans, your linear plan and false security of 'happily ever after').

When you choose to dedicate your life and your loyalty to the Source, part of you will die. Dragons will roar and breathe fire on whatever stands in your way to become Source. Things that 'you' (your box, your ego) consider very special or important can fall apart, your beautiful house and garden, your bank account, your summer holidays, having a stable life.

When you say:

I have to do more to get more

I will work and give everything I have, that's how special I am. So I am the Source

I will work hard to be 'forgiven'

I have to get better at this

I'm going to give my time, so this person will give me this in return.

I have to write more then...

Pressure, self mutilation, adaptability, saving others is also about you.

When you become Source, your life stops being about you. And at the same time it's about you. Because there are things to be created through you that cannot be created through anyone else.

At the same time, when you choose to be used by Source you are fueled by Source. When empowering another person, 5 to 10% of magical residue bathes their life and bodies.

You are an electrical conductor between the Archetypal World and the material world. You are a bridge between the invisible and the visible. Feelings are the cables through which electricity can be transported in both directions.

How do you become the hands, the mouth, the ears, the voice of Source? You learn to get out of your own way. Go without knowing and be OK with feeling afraid. Going scared. Taking the risk.

The Source manifests itself through the relationship with others. The other is like a magnet that attracts what you have to offer the world. The other is the point of attraction for your creation.

What are you a Madalena portal for? What do you love so fiercely that you choose to start holding space for it to happen?

“I am a doorway of Empowerment and Love for other old people who are limiting themselves by their age”

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