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“Life is a garden, not a road. We enter and exit through the same portal. Wandering ourselves where we are going matters less than what we notice." ~Kurt Vonnegut


The verse of life, the divine pulse, passing through the garden like a pilgrim. Step by step, making the way.  Turning inside out, using the fear lane, to feel the next step in this unpredictable plot. Where to start, who to connect with. Where to walk. Perceiving, being enchanted, being crossed by what life has to present. Here I intend to share a little of how I see and live the world, what meanings I have been exploring and creating for this crazy experience that we call being alive.

This symbol means a lot to me: it's a geometric shape called a torus. I had contact with her for the first time in 2019, in a class on the morphogenetic field. Then, in 2020, in an immersion a dear friend, Bruno, presented me with a physical and magical object that materialized this shape (there is a video below where I dance with this object). For me the torus represents the essence of life, the walk back to the source. If you look at the image below, the various lines form circles and they all converge in the center, at the same point. From so many directions to the same essence. A central point where everything returns. 




From micro to macro, from where we came to where we are going. Where lies the mystery of life and the universe. Why are we here? The torus gives me the answer: to experience the path, life. We leave the source, archetypal love, to experience, learn, have fun and walk the path expanding our perception. That's why Kurt's phrase touches me so deeply, life is not a road, but a garden, in which we walk and each time we perceive more and have the possibility to assume more responsibility. 

The great breath of the universe is the movement of returning to leaving and returning to the source, perceiving more and more. And perceiving does not mean understanding. Perceiving means experiencing and transforming. It means for a flower to see God, for a feeling to feel the cosmos. We left through a portal and returned to the same portal: Gaia.

Much more than getting somewhere, it's about what I begin to realize at each step. To be aware, to take responsibility for. And how Clinton brings responsibility is conscience in action. It's about how we can take more responsibility for our lives at every step. That's why I chose to tell a little bit of my story from the name crossing. This great moment-to-moment crossing of life. 


Here's a little bit of what I've been noticing, some parts of me and my journey here. Welcome to my universe. We ran into each other there.

I am..

A traveler of universes in verses, a walker of the unknown and navigator of feelings and complexity. I am a catalyst for transformation and a prism of clarity. I am art, nature, life, breath, sea and sky.

My purpose is to explore new possibilities to create a game world where the main rule is to live an extraordinary life. I experiment, research, explore, navigate and live the inner and outer worlds to co-create a new reality, a new culture in which we can fully live our potential, our destiny in action.

For me, one of the most painful things is seeing the people around me so asleep, disconnected: from themselves, from nature, from the life that pulsates within each one. Seeing people losing the sense of what it's like to be alive, apathetic, just following the life that was handed to them in script breaks my heart.


That's why this sentence by Luizes, that Alex Bretas introduced me, touches me deeply: "the opposite of life is not death, it's disenchantment". To be disenchanted with life is not feeling, not caring, not having space to experience love.


What I've been discovering on this journey so far is that fully feeling anger, fear, sadness and joy is the gateway to living fully, adult, building intimacy and being able to be our archetypal lineage in action in the world. That is why my service today is to offer spaces for the enchantment of life to be recovered. 

Navigating the feeling, creating a New Culture!

If you want to know more about it click here.



You are what no one sees. A collection of stories, stories, memories, pains, delights, sins, kindnesses, tragedies, successes, feelings and thoughts. You are an eternal parentheses  in open while your eternity lasts
~Machado de Assis


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