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You have spent over 14 years in school learning to use your mental body.How many years have you invested in learning to use your emotional body? 

Me, it's been two years since I started to know this body. Before, I didn't even know that an emotional body existed. 

You are illiterate at navigating your feelings and emotions.You say "I feel" and then fire off 1000 stories.

In the water element, you have the possibilities to start this journey of recognizing your emotional body and learning to navigate it.


possibilities coaching

The Coaching of Possibilitiescreates windows, doors and paths to totally different futuresthe ones you have in front of you at the moment.

All questions are allowed.

You choose where to go. I accompany you on the Journey.


INVESTMENT:Variable scale from 689-296 Reais, 160-80 Euros per session of 1.30-2 hours.
Watch the Possibility Coaching demo performed by me and other Enablers atCreate Possibility.


IMPORTANT NOTE:These videos are authentic, unrehearsed healing and personal transformation processes. They are not recommended for anyone under 18. sand you watch any of these videos, you are under your own recognition. When watching any of these videos, there's a good chance you'll feel something. We are, after all, human beings. We have5 Bodiesand so much in common that one person's trauma can easily remind you of your own traumatic life situations, even if you don't remember at this moment - and could never imagine - that such a thing could have happened to you.


PLEASE DO NOT WATCH ANY OF THESE VIDEOS UNLESS YOU ARE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE,and until you take theradical responsibilitythrough their own experiences, stories,reactivity,feelings,emotions, projections,beliefs, expectations,resentments,fears, memories, etc.

Now you have been warned.


Online or in person

Individual Possibilities Coaching

Weekly or fortnightly follow-up where you will develop emotional navigation, communication, clarity and presence skills.


Duration:1h30 to 2h

Investment:BRL 689 to BRL 289


Emotional Healing Process

I provide a safe space to reflect your emotional state to Healing.

This work can dive as deep as you need to, it has helped clients navigate and transform past very strong and traumatic experiences.


Duration: 60 min to 90 min

Investment:BRL 489 to BRL 189

Online or in person

Possibility Coaching for Couples

Safe and Dangerous Space where you can explore and navigate your relationship with your partner in order to create more Intimacy, Connection and Affection.


Duration: 2h to 2h30

Investment:BRL 789 to BRL 389


Emotional SOS

Do you just need a listening space? Are you in an emotional turmoil completely lost? 

SOS is a space for when you are in an emotional reactive state where you can gain more clarity.


Duration: 30 min to 60 min

Investment:BRL 169 to BRL 69

Discovery Session

What are you looking for? Will my services benefit you?

Let's connect and see. This 30-minute session is free for you to discover.


I'll make contact soon!

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