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Unleash your Energy for Creation. Stop procrastination.

Updated: Feb 12

Upgrade the way you navigate your day, and discover practical ways to stop procrastination.

ser humano se tornando luz

For a year now I have been consciously experimenting with moving my Origin Point from Scarcity to Creation. The gateway to this research was the “lack of money”.

I put “lack of money” in quotes because that is a story I fell asleep in and believed to be reality.

Money never actually ran out. There is enough money in the world right now and there was enough money a year ago, however I was and still am blocking in different ways the necessary resources flowing through me to keep walking on my Path.

I recently discovered a valuable piece of that research and want to share it with you in this article.

The “lack of money” is a symptom, not a cause. The cause is lack of Energy.

Creation has Energy as its raw material. When I am doing what gives me energy and what I really want I create Abundance of Energy - I become Creation. Money is no longer an issue. What I've been experiencing is that people come to me, not for what I do, but for who I am and what I love and create.

What are you choosing to do with your energy right now? What are you doing right now gives you energy or takes energy away? If it takes away your energy, why are you doing it? What part of you is choosing to do this?

Staying in survival mode and under constant pressure is a smart strategy for your uninitiated gremlin to keep you where you are today, your box, your comfort zone. You can choose to stop procrastination by changng the way you relate with your foucos.

Pressure is accumulated energy. The pressure is built from the moment you build the circumstances to be in the red tank of energy:

  • "I need to do this.

  • “I have to do it right, I have to figure it out.”

  • "Oh no, I'm putting pressure on myself again, shit, I have to stop this."

  • “Again Gabriela, you pushing yourself and now without energy, are you serious?”

The crazy thing is, I found that I was trying to handle the pressure with more pressure.

The problem is the solution.

The problem that creates the pressure is the circumstances that you unconsciously create to put you in scarcity of energy. The solution is to become aware of these behaviors and observe without judgment the results created from these actions.

When you open your Energy faucet for what you want to Create, for your project, for your relationship, for your next step, for a training, it may just be a drop. Your power faucet has holes in it, and it's leaking.

For a week, I researched every of my actions at each moment of my day. One of the shocking discoveries was realizing that most of my focus, and therefore my energy during the week, was on meeting the needs of the Child Ego State. I found there a big energy leak going on.

Some examples of energy eaters I've encountered:

  • Make other people's problems my problems, to seek to be significant for the other person;

  • Being in groups and projects that I already know I no longer want to be in, but that I'm postponing leaving for fear of not belonging anymore;

  • Don't finalize things, leave things open. How not to finish a message, an article and leave it for “later”;

  • Hesitating, second-guessing myself, “was this really the best decision?”

  • Trying to fulfill other people's expectations, to feel loved, accepted, belonging;

And so on…

Focus is where most of your attention goes. Where your focus is, is where your energy flows.

It doesn't matter to a child whether what he or she is doing gives him energy or takes energy away from him or her. All he or she wants is to meet his or her need.

When your Adult Ego State is contaminated with your Child Ego State, your life is oriented towards meeting the unmet needs of the "child." The shocking thing about this is that these needs will never be met, because they are in the past.

It was at this point that I came to the sad conclusion that my precious energy for Creation is leaking out in different ways to supply an illusion. The need that comes from the Child Ego State, such as: love, being a good person, looking for significance and receiving “wow, how amazing you are”, belonging to a family or to a group, being adventurous and being sure of that all will be well, will never be fulfilled.

The result I've observed is constant tiredness, overload, worry, anxiety and a lack of energy to do what I want. Or when I have a little bit more energy I can't sustain it and I find ways to get rid of it as soon as possible.

At the end of the week, I'm on the pressure again, without energy. In survival. In Scarcity. “I need” the weekend to rest. “I need” vacation. “I need” to recover my energy level.

This is the paradox about Scarcity and Creation.

When I'm out of energy, I'm like a planet, I don't have the energy to create, I “need” to suck out of the Sun. The only apparent possibility is to consume, suck out resources and copy existing inventions, always missing and lacking something. And the “lack of money” comes as a facet of this reality.

I invite you to do an experiment now:

Write in a new page of your notebook the title “What actions would make me more alive?”.

What do I want that makes me more alive? How do I find the things I want that make me most alive? These are not the wants of survival. These wants probably take you to the edge of your box. They are probably things that scare you just thinking about doing them.

Put your attention on each of your 5 bodies and complete the sentence

  • “To become more alive, my energetic body wants…”

  • “To become more alive, my physical body wants…”

Write down what comes to each of your bodies, and throughout this week, put these actions into practice.

Watch a Worktalk about it here.

Love, Gabriela

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