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  • Gabriela Moreira

formatting is limiting?

Translation: "Between the infinite and the finite there is no boundary"

Have you ever tried to format a project, structure an idea and felt that it limited you? Have you ever felt it?

From the perspective of cosmogenesis, the principle of everything is the void, the nothingness, the unplanned and structured. The circle represents that emptiness of the masculine principle that sustains the emergence of everything. In it is the potential of the whole. In it is the infinite and the finite.

Therefore, the finite is not the opposite of the infinite, but only, so to speak, an excerpt from it, there are no boundaries between them. That's why we can see the world in a little sand. (Ken Wilber)

Then comes the point. At the point there is the whole with its contained potential to be manifest, the potential of the one, the feminine principle. As in the Bhagavad Gita: “From the navel of Vishnu the lotus flower is born, and from it comes Brahma. With your first breath the universe is born”

From this point also arises duality. As in the movement of cell division, with two, make up life. From the union of two circles, the vesica piscis is born, the basis of the entire configuration of the universe. It is present in everything in the configuration of the universe, of reality as we understand it.

But for the "one" to come into the world, and then the two to come, it is necessary to have a three-dimensional object, because that is how this reality, 3D, is configured. Thus is born the 3, the trinity, the spirit.

“The number 3 resolves the impasse of the number two and transforms dualism into harmony and unity” ~Pitágoras

But this spirit must be given form. So, because of that, then comes the four, the square. Feeling of secure containment that helps us to precisely focus attention. Decisive ordering factor. In the four has the power of the end and the beginning. 1+2+3+4= 10= 1. In it begins the principle symbolized by the verb.

“One becomes two, two becomes three, and from the third comes one as four”~Maria Prophetissa

It is only from the form, the fourth stage, that we can explore the inner possibilities of something. In my current moment of formatting my self-directed learning process, I am facing this challenge. How to shape this whirlwind of the mind? How to materialize the mind?

Somewhere in me it says formatting is limiting. But when I remember this story of cosmogenesis that touth me so much, I understand that restriction also brings the limitless.

We can write novels, theories, love letters, or court orders—just rearranging 26 limited letters. And this is certainly not possible despite the 26-letter restriction, but because of it. Binary code, for example, is radically more limited than the alphabet, as it contains only two states, one or zero, but from it opened up an unprecedented range of creative possibilities that revolutionized the world as we knew it.

Without structure, we cannot differentiate, compare, or experiment with ideas. Without restrictions, we would never be forced to make the decision about what is worth pursuing and what is not.

In restriction is also contained the unlimited, in matter is the sacred, and in indecision the choice of chance.

Translation: "in the restriction is also contained the unlimited. In the finite is contained the infinite. And in the square that shapes and composes matter, the sacred is also contained."



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