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  • Gabriela Moreira

Groundless Darkness

Darkness, black, without any light, without any breath.

Sitting in a chair. I put my foot on the ground, it is cold as metal on the frozen. I stand up, my bare feet, flat on the floor. In my feet there are the weight of my bones, of my muscles, of my organs and my body together, seams that I've not been above these feet before. It seems that this is the first time I'm standing above them.

Darkness, black, without any light.

Something pushed my leg and made me take one step. A pressure behind me. It Seems that I am close to the dark darkness. Something pushed my other leg. One more time on the other leg. I am walking in this darkness. The coldness in my foot goes up in the weight of my body. I am frozen from outside to inside. I stop it. I open my ears instead of my eyes. I try to perceive more of what my eyes can see. I move my head trying to find something besides the darkness. Everything I can even listen to is dark. Empty, hollow, without substance.

It 's dark. It is black. There is no light.

I tried to use my hands to touch something. But it is also frozen, so I can't move. And even what was pushing me in my legs, forcing myself to move, is not there anymore. The fear started to go through my body and my head started to shake and become dizzy. Waves of shock all over my body. When this will be over, I can't move. And even when I could move, my heart was frozen. I was moving because of this pushing. I don’t know how to walk without this pushing.

Otherwise my thoughts are not frozen. When I notice that everything it’s frozen, except my thoughts, a wave of fear goes through my spine as thunder spreads over all my body. The gut is to shake. But I cannot move, it is frozen. The spasms run through the muscles, but it's stagnant. The thunder has no space to flow, it starts to burn inside. The electricity becomes stuck in my muscles, in my bones, in my blood. My thoughts start to freaking out and sand more and more waves of fear through my body and each wave is like thunder and I started to burn. From inside.

Before it was darkness, black without any light. Now I became fire.

Thunder after thunder, my body starts to burn. The darkness is flooded with a shimmering, flaming, uncontrollable light. An explosion happens. From the frozen body I became a burned body in the ground. Ashes. The rest of my life. Death.

In the first moment from the ashes I look around. And seems to be dark, black and any light again.

Silence. Nothing. Death. Out of the blue, a force of nature, unpredictable and unreasonable, starts to move, to rise up, I become a phoenix from the ashes. My mind running and running circles asking what has fucking happened. A woman bird. I started to fly. The waves in thunder keep happening constantly. But now irradiate the light in all directions. There is no longer this frozen, this stuckness. From the thunder, enlightens the dark.

Thunders start to go through me and I start to see what my eyes can’t see. And what the ears can’t hear. And touch what my skin couldn’t feel. And it is possible to have the electricity of life back. My heart is no longer frozen. I fly.

It is darkness, black. But now, there is light.

The creation of the light comes to life.The thunder in this Phonex is unreasonable and unpredictable, radiant in the sky and illuminates even the places at the top of the globe. Even the places that do not have any light. I've become the light.

Love, Unfolding Essence Gabriela

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