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There was a rock in the middle of the path. What if this stone is your next door to transforming and going through an initiation?

Trainings are dangerous and safe spaces,in which the Self has the possibility of using these stones to make a totem. 

In training spaces I bring the sword of clarity and my heart to support youlet burn what is no longer useful and thus be reborn in a new form, to take your next step and create new results in your life.


Rage Club

Anger, one of the feelings most feared and repressed of all. If you don't have access to your anger or you have too much of it and don't know how to deal with it, then this is a space for you. Anger Club is an initiatory experience to change your relationship with anger. After Anger Club, you will never see or deal with your anger and other feelings the same way again. 


Benefits: more clarity, presence, limits, authenticity, self-respect, respect for others, more energy and vivacity.


I offer: Online and offline sessions


Fear Club

The unknown is scary. Most of what exists we don't know, so life is full of Fear. You don't know infinitely more than you know. Through learning to use Fear Consciously you develop the muscle to access the Mage-Ninja archetype, which lies in the unknown


Benefits: access to intuition, creativity, presence, intimacy, depth in relationships, fewer problems and B.Os in life. 





On AltoMar: Navigating Relationships

For relationships to thrive, we certainly need love, but we also need skills to navigate intimacy, connection, and communication. On this 3-month journey, starting in June, we will explore:

  • Intimacy on multiple levels

  • Communication skills 

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Letting go of expectations and resolving conflicts 

  • Feelings and Emotions


What is the gift your Being has to Flourish?  What conditions are necessary for this essence to flourish?

What are brilliant principles and how to make them more popular? How can you live your value and generate money? How can you have more participants in your spaces? How to get out of the construction of scarcity? What stops you from creating what you want to create? These are some of the questions that I research and that I will soon facilitate this journey for the second time.


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Blooming the Essence

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